iMicro/mini/small diameter drilled piles:  These are used to replace caissons and driven piles, especially in areas where vibrations or large equipment is not feasible or there is low headroom. They can hold large loads as a single or in groups and can be either vertical or angled. They can be used in tension or compression or in combination.

We offer guidance and training for the following in either rock or soil:

• Titan Bars

• Compaction grouted micropiles

• Cased piles up to 14"

• Uncased piles ie: William or Dewey Dag 

• Seismic retrofit

Completed and Ongoing Projects:

ECDC Project, Camden, NJ -  7" casing with Titan bars - AP Construction

Amtrack, Queens, New York - Low head room - Nicholson Construction

New Jail/Courthouse, Nashville, TN - All night work, bars only in rock, some cased - Coastal Drilling

Cell Tower, Hilton Head, SC - tension/compression to hold new load on existing caissons - SPS

Roanoke, VA - Hospital addition, used multiple pipes & bars - Hayward Baker

Cement Plant, Albany, NY  -  Drilled under working kiln at cement plant/small drill/tough conditions - SPS

Penn State University, PA - Vertical & angled piles in Karst for university expansion - Coastal/Moore Concrete

I-81, Chambersburg, PA -  Overpass piles for bridge pier - Coastal Drilling

Dullus Town Center, Washington, DC - Micropiles to assist with caisson load for sinking building - SPS