The following are projects that we participated in utilizing various areas of specialty expertise:


Barker Dam, Nederland, Colorado - Anchors -  Nicholson Construction

Bear Creek Dam, Alabama - Consolidation grouting - Coastal Drilling East

Chelan Dam, Washington state - Testing for Slurry wall - Nicholson Construction

Chickamagua Dam, Tennessee - Installed dam seals - Structural Preservation Systems

Fontana Dam, North Carolina  - Installed anchors - Hydro Group/Layne Christensen

Horse Mesa Dam, Arizona - Stabilized soils - Nicholson Construction

Livermore, California - Consolidation grouting - Hydrogroup

Mactaquack, Canada - Dam Seals - Structural Preservation Systems

Penn Forest Dam, Pennsylvania - Consolidation grouting - Hydrogroup

Putnam Dam, Connecticut - Bar anchors - Structural Preservation Systems

Robinson Dam, New Jersey - Anchors - Structural Preservation Systems

Tioga Dam, Pennsylvania - Downstream pressure relief - PA Drilling

Watts Bar Dam, Alabama - Dam Seals - Coastal Drilling

Wilkesbarre Dam, Pennsylvania - Anchors - Nicholson Construction


Cooper River Bridge, South Carolina - Repaired Caissons - Hayward Baker

Zillwakee, Michigan - Freezing of earth under failing pier - Nicholson Construction

I-15, Baton Rouge, Louisianna - type A wall, anchors and gunite - Nicholson Construction

I-81 Overpass, Pennsylvania - Micropiles in median for pier - Coastal Drilling